Nathania Wibowo, a friend with a million passions in music.

‘Spring Cleaning’‘s breezy melody inspires a sense of calm and optimism in the listener as Nathania Wibowo’s crisp, earnest voice dances through the song’s twittery rhythm. This song encompasses Wibowo’s spirit, an impassioned composer and performer who lives for her art.

I was introduced to Nathania when we were both studying Architecture at Parahyangan Catholic University. Our friendship has been filled with discussions about music, art and life. The natural rhythm to her voice is musical, showing her constant embodiment of her creativity. Nathania bares her soul through her music. 

Some of my fondest memories of my time spent with Nathania involve going to karaoke bars to pass the frigid nights in North Bandung, and Nathania would always be the star performer. My friends and I were always mesmerized by her performances in the small and intimate space. Her voice always inspired in us a sense of home and would send us into a calm and dreamlike state.

Since moving to the United States, Nathania’s talent and artistic spirit have taken wing even further. Spectrum of the East I-90, Spring Cleaning (both in collaboration with lyricist Taylor Smith), and My Sister (a piece from Insult To Injury, a play with music by Los Angeles-based playwright Maura Knowles, to which Nathania is providing compositions) are three of the charming works that she has created so far. Her voice’s character in combination with her unique and soaring compositions creates a beautiful and transcendent sonic experience, which evokes feelings of being led into a fairy tale. Currently, she is building her music portfolio as she continues to explore writing for musical theater. Nia is rightfully deserving of a successful musical career due to her persistence and commitment to her passion and fascination with music that she has possessed since she was a young girl, and I am confident her recent awards from the Berklee College of Music’s Curtain Up! competition will prove to be the first of many more to come.

I am honored to be so close to someone as talented as Nathania Wibowo, and I look forward to watching her career continue to grow as she creates more masterpieces.

Keep up the great work, Nathania Wibowo!



(Photo courtesy by : Stevano)


Enjoy her works on:


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